So, who wants some back story?

By Joel Symonds, SubCut Photography

By Joel Symonds, SubCut Photography

In the past Sarah has been, at times, a musician, songwriter, teacher and wife, but now is a single woman in her mid twenties living in Edinburgh and  trying her best to cope with depression, divorce and the issue-filled mire that is single life, as well as find her way through what would appear to be a pretty epic quarter-life crisis.

Whilst she is aware that from the description above she already sounds like a pretty fucking awsome catch, she should also point out that she’s a would-be-if-she-had-more-money-and-time-and-talent professional Thai Boxer with a serious love of food but a serious need to make weight. These things are… mutually exclusive. Having previously lost 4 stone and kept it off, Sarah knows, thinks and cares far too much about weight loss, for someone with such a zealous devotion to cake. Sarah fights as often as she can, but generally only against people who’ve volunteered weeks in advance.

In addition to contact sports, she enjoys singing, playing the piano and drinking beer, which is handy because in 2009 Sarah became an Ex-Pat, moving to Berlin to try her hand again at teaching. After nearly 4 years, she has decided to keep things interesting, up sticks and finally move to Thailand. If nothing else, it should make for interesting blogging…

For further details on the backstory, check out A Year in the Land of Smiles, and Erroneous George.

fight 5, vs Hayley Thomson, 6/7/08

fight 5, vs Hayley Thomson, 6/7/08


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