Ferry scrabble, coming home, going away

Jumbled letters, stretching the brain after too many hours in the car, too early in the day, after and in the middle of too much stressing, working, thinking. A little mental exercise welcome during free wine and naps on the ferry.

Finally, berlin is over, for now a least. Jumbled letters, jumbled feelings, jumbled thoughts: some neatly ordered, triple-word-scored; most messy, complex.


Well. That’s that.

So…. Yeah. Well. That was awkward.

*whistles nonchalantly and scratches patterns in the dirt with one toe*

Shall we just say that bit really sucked, Im feeling much better and move on?

Lots to talk about right now.

For I….. Finally…. Am moving to….




I’ve accepted a job at an international school on the coast in Thailand and it’s as though I’ve been set free from a strange, rainy, cold mind-prison. Not only is Berlin nearly over, I’m finally going to fulfill my number one dream of over 6 years. So, yeah. 😀

In other news, I got a puppy, she’s called Aoife and I love her even though she is often covered in, producing or eating poo.


I got a couple of new tattoos focussing on reminding me to prioritize the important aspects of life and in line with that I’m having a go at the Primal Blueprint.

Today is, you guessed it, day one (when else do I blog? Only new diets and heartbreaks get a look in)

Check it out, makes good sense. Hopefully it will help me feel a bit healthier and stronger. That’s actually the focus for me, rather than weightloss for a change, so I deliberately haven’t weighed myself at the start. Revolutionary.

Anyway, perhaps there will be some more good news on the blog. Can’t wait to finally chronicle my move to Thailand…


(Here’s another one, just to rub it in)