In the course of talking to a friend about the past (Muay Thai, cutting weight etc etc), I decided to have a look back over my old blog I was keeping at the time, and it got me to thinking that I did used to quite enjoy writing, and actually sometimes wasn’t too bad at it….

Would it be so difficult, or such a bad idea to get back to writing more. Obviously, preferably with a little less emphasis on the whole depression, life is miserable blah blah blah aspect which began to feature quite heavily towards the end of my blog-writing ….err…. career? No. That is definitely not the right word. I’ll go with…. thing. Blog Writing Thing. Nice and… what’s the word? Articulate.

So, I have two weeks off work and little to do. Here are my three aims:
1 – do Muay Thai two times a week and run or visit the gym at least one other time
2 – nail down this whole house-moving thing if possible
3 – write in the blog in some sort of entertaining and personally pleasing manner

That seems like a reasonably number of goals for an Easter break.

Watch this space.


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