My diet, why hast though forsaken me?

Because I’m in a new relationship and its impossible to say “no, please: don’t make me delicious French cuisine with potatoes, cream, bacon and cheese. Id rather have a salad and some unsweetened beans. You carry on though”.

Fortunately, despite my over-indulgence during the Easter break, I’ve maintained my weight and can now attempt to carry on losing gradually and perhaps be comfortably in the 60’s of kilos by my birthday at the end of June.

In general I’ve adapted so that I am good at work during the day and less strict at night so that dinner won’t be a pain in the arse for the boy as well.

My current goals as they stand are to be 69kg by June 23rd, to run once per week, train twice and teach the boxing class twice. Hopefully this will see me a happier, fitter, healther 28 year old!

Again hopefully, the fact that work is a massive pile of shit right now and a daily source of unhappiness should mean that thinking about my health can be my biggest priority. I’m going to do what is necessary for the kids and otherwise forget the place between 4pm and 8am the next day.

Plan? Plan.


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