Fun in the sun

I believe I have previously mentioned that work is awful right now. The job I basically created and earned was kind of nicked, projects I had undertaken my boss didn’t tell her boss about, so I got no credit for the work, and seriously shit communication damaged my reputation at the point where the decision about who should do the role I wanted was being made.

Essentially, I got screwed. Sadly, nobody quite worked out how or why till it had happened and I resigned.

That said, I now have a better paying job lined up at a better school and its definitely all for the best, so it itsnt all gloom, but the next 6 weeks until I finish my current contract look tricky.

I feel so fucked over, bored and excluded that I’m really not.enjoying my days, so I’m working on small ways of improving my days.

Today, for example, I took advantage of the plus 20 degrees and blazing sunshine to bugger off to the park and sunbathe in my underwear for an hour, reading a book. I just organised an emergency “shit day” pack with a towel, scream, book and shorts to keep under my desk. Sorted.

I can use spare time to write more, get out of the building, who knows. Suggestions are welcome.


One thought on “Fun in the sun

  1. Wondering how one keeps a ‘scream’ in their desk? If it’s good weather pick up a decent camera (second-hand digital SLRs aren’t too bad on eBay) and get taking some photos. I wanna see more of Berlin and have to do it vicariously through you 🙂

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