Week 2, Day 2

Well, I’m trying for slow carb sainthood but am more likely to be martyred at this rate!


Doing well 2 meals out of three at the moment, so yesterday it was a good breakfast and lunch but then mexican with a friend, which involved corn chips.

Today I’ve done my best, but did end up eating a brownie and a Lindor… whoops.


Nevertheless, here is dinner: Roasted vegetables with saugage, tomato, cucumber and balsamic salad and homemade beanburgers


To make the bean burger, I sauteed garlic and spring onions,mashed 2 cans of brown beans, added some roast aubergine and zucchini fined chopped, mixed up and thickened with a little organic flour. I flavoured with branston pickle and seasoning, then formed into patties and fried in olive oil.

nom nom nom, and there about 8 left 🙂


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