Day 4…

and all is well.

I’m defintiely eating loads on the Slow Carb diet, although the difficult bits are sweet things (of which I can’t have any), and snacks, which basically for me come down to boiled eggs.

Yesterday I had so much energy I was deeply irritating to be around, (which is usually true for different reasons) and was a hper-mentalist at boxing training.

During the night, however, I woke up several times feeling sort of drugged and confused, which was very strange and can’t be accounted for by anything special I ate or drank.

Today, I feel EXHAUSTED. Whether this is the diet or the upsurge in exercise, I can’t be sure, but I wont let it put me off. Already I can see some difference in some of my clothes and somebody commented I looked slimmer.


2 days till cheat day…..


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