The 4 hour body…

Have you read this book by Tim Ferriss? I think most of America seems to have at least watched him on a talk show, judging by his Google popularity.

I first heard of his book in December, but it took me till last week to finally fork out for it, and it have to say its pretty interesting.

The premise is that with relatively little effort but careful attention to some little physiological quirks you can change your body, your sleep pattern and your sex life beyond recognition.

Now, I love sleep, and I don’t currently have a sex life (tiny violins?) but my weight is an unending source of irritation and worry to me, so I thought I’d give it a bash.

I won’t bother outlining the whole thing, because just about every Blogger writing about it has done just that and the details are but a quick Google away. But, essentially, its a low Carb, high nutrient cyclical diet.

No processed carbs but as much lean protein, veg and legumes as you fancy, with a weekly cheat day where you eat whatever you want. The science backing it and the anecdotal success stories seem sound, so I’m up for a shot at it.

Today is day 1. I weigh pretty much bang on 74kilos, and I’d like to lose 7, so let’s see how we go…


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