My true love: Muay Thai

Goddamn I love Muay Thai.

Sometimes I do forget that, usually around the time when I have to decide between beer and water, or chocolate and… er… air, but eventually I remember.

I remember in the 10 minutes before training, after the miserable journey there, dreading the effort after a long work day, when I realise I’m excited and I feel the adrenaline going.

Often I remember when I’m sparring and I’m feeling really, properly alive for a change, and focussed on nothing but what is happening right now.

I remember every time in the half hour after training where I’m all endorphins and pride and stretching and relief that it’s over.

I especially remember when I’m at a show, watching fights and feeling part of a community, and feeling like I really fucking know what I’m talking about.

So, what does this mean. Can I be happy doing this as a thrice-weekly hobby or do I need to accept that I have to follow this to Thailand and make a life with Muay Thai near the centre?

Probably the latter…




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