I have actually, miraculously lost 3 kilos! Yeah! Except I’m not seeing much difference in my clothes, now I come to think of it, given that that’s like half a stone. Ah, well, still – we all love losing weight πŸ™‚

So, what have I been up to:

Gym classes

Legs, Bums & Tums, Dynamic Pilates, Body Combat, Fit Bo – all fun, high cardio, high calorie-burning classes. I think they’re fairly good for my German as I end up learning the names of at least some of the body parts. I already knew the German for “hurts alot”, so now I can combine the two and that’s pretty useful.


Jeff the PT advised me that since I wasn’t losing weight I ought to cut down on the cardio and hit the weights a bit harder. Sounds counter-productive to many of us who don’t have sport-science qualifications as we tend to think “muscle is heavier than fat”. Not so. Muscle is more dense than fat – a pound of either is still a pound on the scales, but a pound of muscle takes up less space than fat. So, the next time you put on weight, don’t bother using the “ahhh… but I’ve probably put on muscle” line, due to it being a crock.

No, weights don’t make you put on weight, they help you to lose it, because a weights workout continues to burn calories for up to 48 hrs afterwards whereas I think cardio only continues for something like 3 hrs afterward.

So, I hit the arms pretty hard and spend 3 days unable to point. I’ll need to get some legs ideas or I’m going to look like popeye.

PT training

Jeff is evil, but great. He does painful exercises with medicine balls and straps and sprinting and stuff. But it definitely works. I’ve been really impressed with the way he gears the exercises to the right level: they’re never too easy and they’re not usually too hard, and it’s really great the way he takes my past experience into consideration and understand that I like a challenge. I think I’ll carry on with him next month πŸ™‚


Yup, I’ve been doing a wee bit of regular boxing and fuck me it’s tiring. I keep thinking I’m reasonably fit, but I so am not. The classes aren’t at a proper boxing gym, they’re at Fitness First, in a dedicated room with a ring and bags and are included in my current membership fee, so it seemed like a nice way to get some boxing without committing to Boxing with a Capital B. Sometimes I think I am shying away from rejoining a martial art properly because I know for me it tends to get serious. If I went to a proper boxing gym, it wouldn’t be as much fun, there would be less pissing about and more likelihood I’d want to try a real fight.

So, I’m perfectly happy for now messing about, getting sweaty, making friends with Dmitri the gay, ex ballet-dancing, boxing, Russian astronomer.

And you would think that might be enough, but no.

Things have been a bit tough at home, we’re going through a bumpy patch and I desperately want to get out the other side. I think we really both love each other and I can’t imagine being with anybody else, but it would seem in the interests of getting safely out of the bumpy patch I’m going to have to keep busy and give Rob some space.

So. It’s hobby-a-go-go.

I’m also planning to take up Roller Derby.

For those of you (everyone, I imagine) who has NO CLUE what that is, here is a wee video with the rules:

I am going to go along and join the Berlin Bombshells and see if Β can make some new friends, and keep busy.

This weekend we’re off on a mini holiday to the mountains, which should involve a bit of cycling up hills.



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