Hungry, hungry hippos

I’m not allowed to eat grains. At all. For two weeks. I gotta tell you, that is not easy in a country filled with amazing beer, bread and baked goods. I definitely see the wisdom of it however, and am already feeling less hungry and more healthy for having kept clear of them for 3 out of the 4 days since being told to do so.

Sunday, admittedly, was a massive failure: brunch out with friends involving 4 bread rolls (!), then dinner involving a certain amount of fried potatoes. Ok, potatoes are allowed, but the word “fried” should be a clue that it wasn’t exactly diet-friendly.

Nevertheless, on the whole I’m going great, and here’s the sorts of things I’m eating:

Breakfast (one of the following)

Scrambled eggs (often with reduced numbers of yolks) and smoked salmon

Fruit/fruit salad



Salad. That’s about the only choice really…


Some kind of lean meat with salad and optional boiled potatoes

I could also have buckwheat, brown rice or quinoa



Low-fat cooked sausages

Tomato juice

Fruit juice

The occasional naughty spoon of Nutella



It doesn’t sound like much, admittedly, and its a bit of a pain in the arse convenience-wise, but it’s not too hard to stick to now that I have plenty of time and zero stress.

In terms of exercise, following Jeff Session 1 on Saturday, I took the day off on Sunday to spend some quality time with Rob, and got back on the wagon on Monday with a gym visit.Monday was brutally hot, with temperatures of 38.5c here in Berlin, but I bravely soldiered on to Fitness First, sorely lacking in A/C, and had only been on the stationary bike for 5 minutes when I heard “Lieber Mitgleider: Das Bauchtrainingskurs beginnt in funf  Minuten“, which means that there was an abs class about to start.

Easy peasy, thought I and wandered over for a quick 10 or 20 mins abs blast to get me warmed up.

No. This is Germany. I forget that sometimes. They take shit seriously

45 minutes later, after being tortured in any number of hideous, ab-related ways, all with the super-chipper trainers smile never faltering, and the temperature indoors hovering around 30 degrees, I was dripping sweat, aching and wibbling and decided that cardio could go and fuck itseld and a few bicep curls, shoulder presses and tricep dips should just about do it.

Thank god for cold showers.

Today has been exerciseless, but tomorrow I intend to try out “High intensity fat burning”.

Sounds hideous.



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