Trainer Jeff: the saga begins

Today was my first session with Trainer Jeff. I have to admit, I can’t really afford Trainer Jeff, or at least not afford him and any kind of life, but I felt it was a worthwhile investment for my health, given that I seem to need to have somebody to please or to disappoint in order to be motivated with fitness. That used to be my trainer Ally, and I still care about his opinion, but he’s 800 km away, so not the greatest motivating factor.

Trainer Jeff will be working with me once a week and has done a metabolic typing diet for me, which I start gently this week by excluding grains: no bread, no pasta and worst, no beer. As it goes, I’m actually kind of relieved – now that beer is “forbidden”, I’m happy not to have to motivate myself to resist. It seems perfectly acceptable that if I want any alcohol it’s going to need to be wine. That’s fine by me.

I also looked forward to the session because I know, however hard it’s going to be, it’s not going to be as hard as forcing myself to workout when I don’t want to: that’s what I’m now paying Jeff to do; once per week at any rate… The first session was really just Jeff trying to assess my flexibility and strength, see what he had to work with before jumping in at the deep end. Nevertheless, I found it very challenging and diverse and I’m already beginning to ache a bit – ace.

Over the next week until I see him again on Thursday, I’m intending to do a Pilates or yoga class, a standard gym visit and at least 1 cardio class, like an intervals class.

Feel the burn!


One thought on “Trainer Jeff: the saga begins

  1. Okay, you need to stand back and take a good, hard look at things.

    First off you know damn well that no good can come of a Jeff. ANY Jeff. Even Bridges. Secondly, no pasta? So what? No beer? Meh. But no bread? That’s almost Stalin-esque in its inhumanity. Lastly, Pilates and/or yoga??? Get a haircut, hippy.

    That is all.

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