Summertime, and the living is…

well, if not easy, then hopefully easier.

Heavens, it’s been a while, huh? I say that here alot though, don’t I. But, you know, I’ve been a busy bee.

So, quick catch up before I get to the point:

The first and best thing is my newly co-habitational status. I’m now living with the lovely Rob, which makes me very happy. We got a very tiny, but very lovely newly renovated flat together in the East of the city and although it has it’s downsides (such as the fact I had to just about bankrupt myself to furnish it, and it’s not actually finished) it’s a vast improvement on the last place and we’re very happy. He also recently (very recently) got a new job which he is loving and so finally we are to be a little better off and achieve some stability

The second thing is that school term has finally (sort of) finished. In that I have a shitload of preparation, planning and organising to do before we officially return on the 16th August, but I don’t actually have to talk to any children, or attempt to teach anybody anything for 5 whole weeks. Score.

The third thing is that I am FAT. Fat, fat fat. So fat. If you’ll recall I used to fight at 59-62 kilos. I now weigh 75 fucking kilos. I am a whale. My breasts are so enormous I have constant headaches, hardly any of my clothes fit and I am disgusted by myself in general.

Excuses, excuses: stress, tiredness, lack of routine, blahblahblah. It has to stop.

These 5 weeks are solely and exclusively for the purpose of making me well, and the meaning of “well” here is twofold: healthy (fitter and thinner) and happier (less exhausted, less stressed and able to think about myself and my needs).

So, how am I going to do this? Well, not by cycling anyway because some cunts nicked my beautiful beautiful bike. Bastards.

  • I have engaged the services of a personal trainer who I will see once and week and who is going to tell me what I may and may not eat.
  • I have reclaimed my gym membership (I had sold it to a friend for a few months) and go to classes these when I please
  • In total I am going to exercise 4 times per week
  • I am going to switch to whole-grain and fresh food, eat in instead of out and log everything I eat
  • I am going to take myself off to nice lakes to swim and read books
  • I am going to sleep lots
  • I am going to write about my progress
  • I am going to drink alot, alot less and preferably not beer any more ever (probably a little unlikely)

So, whilst not a massively interesting or amusing return to blogging, it’s a start and I’ll have plenty to talk about as I try to keep focussed on my goals.

So, off to the gym in an hour or so šŸ™‚


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