Springtime in Berlin

I have to say, things are looking up.

Work is improving for me all the time at the moment:  I’m designing and teaching a music programme which is actually pretty exciting in a geeky way for me. I get to satisfy my desire to use my degree for good (rather than for evil?) and, honestly, doing music with kids is just fun generally. They’re incredibly enthusiastic usually, although I get quickly and thoroughly pissed off with the feebler girls who whinge that “drums are too loud!”.

Here’s my view on this:

Additionally, cool new staff are coming in and annoying old staff are going out and that is working out just lovely, ta.

In other areas I’m trying my best to get into some proper training but keep being foiled by illness – now I’ve got bronchitis, for no apparent reason. WHY!? Not fair. Hurrumph.In addition I have a weird rash on my chest and I’m convinced my slightly incompetent but very nice doctor has failed to diagnose Scarlet Fever- we shall see.

What else is good? Well, I have a new lovely boyfriend, Rob. Actually not that new, he’s been around from the start of the Great Berlin Odessey, but he’s making me really rather happy. The last time I said this, however, I got dumped the following day. Bollocks.  Should probably delete this….. Shit. Fingers crossed.

March was actually a lovely month for me in lots of ways.

I moved into my new flat which is much cheaper, in a much cooler, more fun area but does have slightly the look of a goth crack-den. The hallway is “The Shining” red. All around. Walls, ceilings: blood red.

The bedroom is 3 walls painted dark brown with a rag-roll effect. Seriously – rag-roll. Obviously Changing Rooms have been there.  When I moved there, there was even a canopied, dark green, swinging garden chair in the room. Swinging chairs: good for only one thing, and upon further experimentation? Not even good for that.

However, I like it in general, and I really like it being 175 euros a month cheaper, and the fact it’s way closer to the new boyfriend (another one who’ll need an alias….)  and most of my friends and favourite bars, cafes and restaurants.

No sooner had I moved than my awesome friend Corina came to visit. And she truly is Awesome, Dude! She’s from the South of the States and was a couch surfer who came to stay with me not long after Paul moved out in 2008. She is a writer and generally fantastic person, and the only real-life American I’ve met who really talks the “Awesome, Dude-that’s rad” style of talking. Which is, quite frankly, rad.

Corina was here for a few days, seeing the sights, meeting the locals (Marco….?) and then the following weekend, the famous Kal came to stay.

Kal, as has been mentioned, is practically my brother. He’s way more my brother than my actual brother, in fact, so I’ve missed him like the desert misses the rain, or some shit. We don’t talk as often as I’d like because we’re both busy and have massively conflicting schedules, and this is the first time I’d seen him since moving here. We had a fantastic, lazy weekend hanging around in cafes, eating food, going to bars and meeting my friends.

He and Rob talked Geek about cameras, we all got on like a house on fire and I can’t wait for a return visit.

Next week Mum and Grandad are due for a visit, so talk of the War etc will likely abound, loudly and embarrassingly, in public places. Ho hum.

Bring on Summer 🙂


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