Would you believe, I actually sneezed as I was typing that.

I’m totally wiped out with an illness of some description – wee temperature, followed by throat made of knives, followed by heinous chesty cough and head full of snot and I’ve been off work all week as a result. Blargh. Very boring.

Especially annoying as Im just desperate to get training and start losing some weight. The weather’s finally turning here and I’m keen to be outdoors, enjoying some blue skies and temperatures in the positive double figures (just). However, it’s not likely to happen any time soon: half an hour on the tram, or 10 minutes walking completely knocks me for six, leaving me sweating, coughing and grey.

I have a fun couple of weeks coming up however, with a new flat, a haircut, 2 lovely friends coming to visit and the beginning of a new attitude I hope, so that is cheering me up for sure.

In the meantime I thought I’d share 2 of the google searches which have brought people to this site:

“Me fucking a duck”


“Started out as no strings fun and now I’m hurt”

I feel you, Sister.

But not you, Duckfucker.

That duck's gonna need some counselling


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