Happy New Year. Not.

So, The Evil Genius dumped me today. This is not excellent.

One of the many things that upsets me about this is the fact I didnt see it coming at all. I thought we were in for a decent run. Seemingly I am utterly clueless, unable to read men, unable to keep one, certainly.

Being dumped makes me feel like a failure. I didn’t give him what he needed; I wasn’t good enough; not clever enough, not independent enough, not worth keeping.

I worried about this happening, knew it was just a question of time before he got to know me well enough to know I wasn’t right for him.

It’s becoming a fairly repetitive theme – I get attached, start to care about somebody, even fall in love but I’m doing it alone. My judgement is out of whack.

I’ll get over it. I  got over Ali and I’ll get over this one too, but I really wish I didn’t have to.

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.


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