The upside of down

Personally, I think I have a mild form of Bipolar disorder. When I am down, I am DOWN. There’s no getting out of it: it’s like being hit around the head with a big, dirty raincloud, the type that would exist above Beijing, say.

But the way it works for me is that I have, of every 7 days or so, 2-4 days of DOWN, 1-2 days of being on the way down, and 1-3 days of being fucking amazing.

Today, I feel fucking amazing.

I can’t write you a good post because when I feel like this I just want to sing around the place and do stuff, or even if I’m not doing stuff, I’m just enjoying not feeling like shit.

It is the one blessing of the whole mental illness malarky – I really, REALLY have a basis for comparison. I really know what happy can feel like because I really, REALLY know what sad can feel like.

It’s not quite worth it, but it’s compensation of a sortThis is what the inside of my head is like today


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