Back to work

This is my first job since the end of May.

Nice stolen picture

I gave up my crappy gym job partly because if I didn’t I was going to end up taking somebody out with one of the dumb-bells and partly because I had accepted ajob with the police, working in the cells.

I’d been thinking about joining the police for months and had gotten pretty far in my application for the volunteer police (Special Constabulary), but sadly my terrible eyesight and history of depression had seen me rejected at the last minute.

Working as a custody security officer seemed like a nice way to be involved in the force in at least a minor way. However,  right after accepting the offer, I was offered this teaching post in Berlin.

Choosing between Berlin and Livingston…not that hard. Not that easy either, mind you because I knew if I left the The Boy and I would be over. However, even at the time I knew that was sort of the aim of applying in the first place: to put a pillow over the face of our relationship, like euthanising a dog with terminal cancer, which just lingers on and on, crapping itself, slowly starving and starting to smell.

However. I digress.

When I was offered the job here I had already handed in my notice with the gym and had to tell the police, with whom I should have started straight away, that I wasn’t coming any more. And I found myself unemployed for 3 months.

At first it was great. I was knackered from trying to sell the house, the separation with The Ex (Husband), had hated working at the gym and wanted to chill out, say goodbye to people, and spend what time I could with The Boy while there was still time.

By August I was bored out of my brain. Ok, the heinous break up with The Boy in July did pass the time to an extent; dreading the move made the time fly;  going out of my mind totally put being unemployed in context

Look on the bright side, that’s what my mum says.

Every cloud, etc.

The first 3 weeks of August were just a big Berlin holiday – in amongst the secret crying and missing of  The Boy, I made some awesome friends, built a social circle, found a flat, set myself up with bank accounts etc and started getting to know the city, so now that work has begun again, I feel well and truly out of the World of Work.

I miss not having to talk to people all day if I don’t want to and being able to stay up all night if I want to. Ok, I miss being a directionless bum: I admit it.

But it’s good to have a little structure, I admit that too.

The Sunday night feeling of  “Sigh. Work” had become unfamiliar but, what do you know, I think it’s back…

Oh well, only 5 days till Friday 😉


One thought on “Back to work

  1. “Ok, I miss being a directionless bum: I admit it.”

    Truer words have never been said. I keep on trying to act like a responsible 30-plus guy, telling folk that I’m glad to be working again, it’s good to have all this structure and discipline, etc. Bollocks. I loved it when the most taxing decision of the day was whether to walk or cycle to the coffee shop 🙂

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