In Berlin, the primary 1’s/ erste Klasse/first graders, whatever you want to call them, start a week later than years 2 upwards giving the rest of the school a little bit more time to settle in before unleashing this world of uncertainty and change on the poor little bastards.

Before they come on that first Monday (which for me is next Monday), they come on Saturday to a small ceremony called the Einschulung, which is to let the first grade see their new class, meet the bigger pupils and the teachers. There might be songs, speeches and a gathering afterwards. In our school, they will also go to their new classroom, sing a few songs, have a story and open their Schuletüten -‘ school cones’.

Random cone filled with sweeties and school things: kids go crazy for them here

Random cone filled with sweeties and school things: kids go crazy for them here

No, I’d never heard of them either.

But, it’s a Big Fucking Deal here in Germany – almost as exciting as a Christmas stocking.

Anyway, at the moment I’m much like a first grader, everything is new, lots of uncertainty, change and excitment. And, like a first grader, I’mfucking knackered at the end of the day and often in dire need of a reasurring cuddle. Sadly, my mum is nowhere around and the only other person up to the job resigned.

So, unlike most first graders I’m doing my best to do my own comforting.

And the beer helps, so that’s a bonus.

Ha- fuck you, cute 6 year olds- no Heffeweizen for you!

Look on the bright side, eh? Perhaps what I really need is a nice, quiet story, a bit of quality time with a colouring in book and some playdough and I’ll be right as rain?

Either that or I should introduce Weizebier for the kids….


2 thoughts on “Einschulung

  1. We do the school cones, my girls loved them, best thing about starting school, but Oma is German and I had not heard of them either

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