Hiatyou, Hiatme, Hiatus


Hey, it’s been a while. So, what’s new with you? Anything much? No?

No, not with me either.

Oh, except I moved to Germany.

On Wednesday.

Following a period of deathly work-related boredom in Edinburgh and heartbreak from a relationship that simply and sadly didn’t work, as much as I want it to, I ran away set out for pastures new in Berlin.

You’ll recall,  perhaps, that I applied for this job but since then I mysteriously actually got it and am expected to pass myself off as a competent teacher at the end of the month.

My views on this situation change almost hourly: I’m heartbroken, I’m alone and I’m terrified, but I’ve really got nothing left to lose and nowhere else to be so I’m trying to be optimistic and build myself a new life from scratch, which is no mean feat.

I’m aware this post is a little vague and superficial but you’ve got to start somewhere and this is where it starts.

There’s a lot to cover in upcoming posts: I want to write a bit about The Boy;  I intend to keep a journal of my activities over here and how I go about building the fantastically awesome life I hope to create; what it’s like being back in teaching but in such a different environment; and the ins and outs of being an ex-pat.

Some things wont change -I’ll still ThaiBox, I’ll still stress about my weight (I’m doing it right now) and I’ll still get awe-inspiringly depressed and come here and whinge about it, but it’s my blog and I’ll do as I please. So ner.

Welcome back to those of you who remain readers, you wereobviously all my favourites 🙂


2 thoughts on “Hiatyou, Hiatme, Hiatus

  1. Good on you!! You are really brave but get the impression you are pretty damn determined to make it work….as I have said before you would regret it if you did not take the bull by the horns…..so glad you are ok, even e mailed ‘kal’ cos i was worried about you!

    We both know the depression will be there back and forth but you will get thru it again, and, please,moan away, makes me know I am not the only one having a bad time!!

    Take care, e mai lme if you need a chat xx

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