Up, down and then up again

That's my pole in my living room :)

That's my pole in my living room 🙂

No, it’s not a reference to the pole, you weirdos.

As you may have noticed I was dead chuffed (as they say in french) about the pole and the job interview, and then a couple of days of downitude interfered with my happy dance, but they are over now and see when the revolution comes? Sad days will be first against the wall! I’m sure I wont be far behind but, goddammit, I’ll go down swinging, or at least swearing colourfully.


I was slightly worried because my mother had encouraged me to ask the school in Berlin some perfectly sensible questions such as:

“What, precisely, are the details of the job?”

“What is the salary?”

“Do you help towards travel expenses?”

They’re sensible but scary. Nobody in the UK likes to talk money… No-no… I said nobody. If you think you are somebody in the UK who has no qualms about talking money then, well, I’m sorry, but you musts be wrong. Or foreign, which is practically the same. So, shh. Nobody. Got it?

That settled, I was concerned the week-long silence after I wrote back might translate as them saying “Mein Gott! Sie must geld haben?! Sie wollen nicht arbeiten fur den…. joy?! (shut up, that might be German, you don’t know) and that they would just decide that I was clearly not suitable for the job because I had dared to ask about the dreaded cash.

Thankfully, if they thought that they haven’t said so because I now have a confirmed interview date for the 28th April.


And, what a fantastic excuse to bugger off to Berlin for a few days and see the sights.

I have no such fantastic excuse for the random trip I’m taking to Norway except that I like Norway and I deserve a holiday, having not had one since 2007. So, in April I will be spending the better part of half the month abroad – in different countries. How bourjois.

The other good news today was that another job I’d applied for, ooohhh…. months ago I have been invited to interview for. Ok, the job’s a tad bleak, and it’s in Livingstone, so if it comes down to a choice between Berlin and Livingstone I know where I’m going, but it would still be a step up and I’ll take good news wherever I can find it.

So, that’s today 🙂


2 thoughts on “Up, down and then up again

  1. Why do mums have to be so sensible? Don’t we just love them!!

    Hey good luck!

    On the downitude….I often find being high makes you come down with a bump!

    Love the ploe btw!

    Take carex

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