Substandard Blogging

I am a terrible blogger, I totally admit it.

I *do* have an excuse – my laptop is broken and I only have internet access at work. Note, that’s not stopping me right now!

As I’m currently going through a good patch, I think I’ll write a bit about my current quest to be thin, fit and interesting… any one of the three will suffice.

Having started off with pole-dancing, I’ve got to say… It’s AWESOME!I went back expecting more of the same, perhaps 3 new moves and not too much effort to find, after only 2 weeks away from it, that there was an actual, choreographed dance that I could try. The teacher was calling out moves in rapid succession “Carousel! Maypole! Baby-curl to floor! Snake!” while everybody else did them.

Apart from me.

I was busy hissing to the girl next to me “What’s that?! Show me again! You go *which* way?!

Having established what the fuck was going on, I learned it pretty quickly actually and I must say I’m really rather chuffed with myself.

So chuffed, in fact, that I’m gutted I can’t afford to buy one of these this month. Next month, perhaps…

I will be able to go along for the next two sessions in a row, so at this rate of skill acquisition I reckon I’ll be a fulltime pole dancer by a week on Tuesday.

In other news, my roller skates arrived.

What? ‘Course I’ve been out on them… yeah, honest….


That’s a lie, I’m sorry.

But there’s no way I’m heading outside on rollerskates alone – I’ll need someone with me so that at least one person can be relied upon to be laughing *with* me, rather than near me or at me.

And who’ll call the ambulance when I skin my knees/break my nose/suffer head trauma?

I think roller skating needs to be more of a team affair in that sense, so I’ll let you know when I get the team in place – maybe there will even be photos!

Lastly, I’ve employed the services of a colleague at work who is a personal trainer. She’s going to give me mates rates to torture me stupid twice a week. Along with Muay Thai, pole dancing and my job, this may be challenging to fit in… oh, yeah, and the whole having-a-life aspect, but at least I’ll be skinny and fit.

And since I wont be spending so much time with other human beings, no-one will know whether I’m interesting or not.

Another win to Sarah 🙂


3 thoughts on “Substandard Blogging

  1. I am pretty sure that there is a roller club you can join for people our age. I am sure I saw a poster for it in the Black Bull (or some other drinking establishment). Might be worth a look on the net.

    Glad your ok hun. Want to see you soon though!


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