Aaaaaand…. exhale.


That was a bad one. A really bad one.

They seem to be getting worse, actually, which isn’t what I’d like to be happening, but I’m much better today and I’ll be back to the doctor this week, with Kal in tow, shopping myself as the Big, Fat Maddy that I clearly, clearly am.

I have more to say, I want to talk about how depressive episodes affect the people around you, but I’m tired tonight and I just thought I ought to check in and let you, my readers (hiya Tess and Katie, you’re it, I reckon!), know I’m still all in one piece.

I live to pole-dance another day.


7 thoughts on “Aaaaaand…. exhale.

  1. Am pleased you’re better than you were…
    and hope the doctor is helpful.
    It’s good to see you posted too… sorry I’ve been so busy haven’t been around much to visit anyone… but have thought 🙂 Thanks for your email – it made me smile and cheered me no end…
    hang on in there,

  2. Glad you got thru the day, hope doctor is helping you…..can you send Kal my way? Could do with a friend like that!

    Keep in touch xxx

  3. ……i just hit this link of ax – just wondering…random question but have you moved to galway…?? amb (irish chick who u beat in sept…..(wanting a rematch btw 🙂 ) keep smiling

    • Hey there Anne-Marie – how are you?! Nopers, I’m still in sunny Edinburgh – did you see someone who looks like me or something?

      I am always up for a fight 😉 Get frank to get in touch with Ally Wallace….


  4. um no but someone told me they met a girl – who said she knew me – and that we’d fought a couple mths back – and get this they said they met her in a strip joint in Galway…..i thot wat?? emm maybe they were more poleaxed than they thot….!

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