How much fun is pole dancing?

So much fun!

I think my first time pole dancing was, even if I do say so myself, really rather successful. We learned 3 moves:

‘Hang Tough’ where you face the pole, grip it with both hands extended above your head, arch your back taking your feet away from the floor and behind you and slide to the floor.

‘Reach for the Stars’, where you stand beside the pole, one hand gripping beside your face, the other extended up, step forward with your outside leg and crunch your stomach muscles so that both legs leave the floor and you are suspended with legs in a V shape.

and ‘Find the Floor’ – back to the pole, one hand on the pole up above your head, the other on the pole in the small of your back. Bring one leg up to 90 degrees and slide to the floor so you’re sitting with your head and back still resting against the pole. Roll over onto your tummy, looking all sexy preferably,  bring your knees in to your chest and stand whilst sticking your butt out in a terribly pole-dancy kind of way.

After we learned our 3 moves, we had to link them together to make a very short, self-conscious dance that I’m sure nobody would want to pay to watch, but it was enormous fun.

I found it quite easy and enjoyed the fact that I felt feminine and sexy as opposed to butch and dangerous which is how I normally feel. At one point the instructor asked me what my dance background was because I looked like a dancer! NO WAAAAAYYY!

So, obviously, my cunning plan involves doing plenty more of that, and maybe I can convince my mum to buy me one of these for my birthday. I think it would look rather fabulous in my bay window. After that, clearly, I will become the world’s oldest, butchest pole-dancer and make my fortune.

Shut up. I will.

Mind you, the viewers might have different ideas… bah. Who cares! Maybe they’ll be more inclined to buy it if I conduct the viewings from the pole 😉


2 thoughts on “How much fun is pole dancing?

  1. oh wow that sounds so much fun, am pleased it went well.. I was here picturing those moves as you described them 🙂 I doubt anyone does pole dancing lessons here on my small island…but perhaps I should make enquiries 🙂

  2. Pole dancing is perfect for fun and fitness. From core to cardio, every muscle in your body will hurt the first time. But you start to learn more moves and challenge yourself and that is when it gets addicting. Which is awesome!!!!

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